The Nurturing Doula; Empowering Women
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A nurturing doula can help empower women.  “[C]aregiving professionals can seek new ways to nurture and empower [women]…during labor and birth.”-Paulina Perez To nurture is defined as “the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone … Read More

Using Affirmations During Labor
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Positive affirmations are short, positive statements that can be used during labor by the mother or the support person as a way of creating a positive attitude toward birth and labor pain. Sometimes negative thoughts hinder the body from progressing … Read More

Updates on New York Doula Law: 22 July 2019
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I am not an authority on anything legal nor am I an expert when comes to government regulations and the political process. I am learning. If you are a doula or any form of birth worker, my recommendation is that … Read More

Supporting Women who are Shaking During Labor
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Shaking during labor can be common. This video provides a quick look at when it happens, what may cause it, and how you help support a women who is experiencing the shivers during labor. References: Shivering and shivering-like tremor during … Read More

Doulas and Inclusive Leadership in the LGBT Community
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As a business, we believe all women deserve support. We also support other’s rights to disagree with this on a personal or professional level. We do feel our doulas should discuss their personal beliefs with women in private conversations if … Read More

Students Describe What it Means to be a Doula
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Becoming a doula can be a life changing journey.  For many people it starts with a desire to serve women and their babies.  We learn how doulas provide support , and attributes that embody a quality doula are traits we seek to have and … Read More

Tips for New Doulas
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When I brought my first baby home, I remember having a sense of feeling overwhelmed, with the big question looming in my head, “Now what?”.  What in the world was I supposed to do now that I had become a … Read More

Professional Doula Commitment
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  I commit…. to providing care to my clients and community with “integrity and morality, altruism, and the promotion of the public good. to do my best to work in a framework of collaboration with other doula businesses or organizations … Read More

Doulas improve birth outcomes
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Recently describe by ACOG as one of the most effective tools to improve birth outcomes, doulas help provide both physical and emotional support during labor. Safe prevention of the primary cesarean delivery. Obstetric Care Consensus No. 1. American College of … Read More

Needs of Professional Doulas-New Beginnings Response to Doula Divisions
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Statement on the Divisions and Needs of Professional Doulas Recently, Buzzfeed published an article that brought up some very significant divisions among the doula community. This has caused harm and damage to many birthing communities and is a cause for … Read More

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