Living Room Conversation: Breast is Best
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This month we are discussing the phrase breast is best, and whether or not it is a good phrase to use when discussing breastfeeding.

Living Room Conversation: The Doula Bag
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This month we are discussing the purpose and reason for having a well packed doula bag or whether or not that is really necessary.

Using Music in Labor
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I find I use music in all different ways in my life, from a wake-up playlist to a playlist from my favorite movies to work around the house. Music has a way of relaxing or inspiring people, and is a … Read More

How I Doula with Rosita in Rural NM
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Our new series will be showcasing our doulas and students in an effort to further ours and others understanding of individual doulas experiences and what they personally bring to this work. This interview discusses the core value of family, growing … Read More

Gender Identity and the Doula
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We had two great conversations about how we as doulas can honor and respect people and their gender identity during labor and birth. Download a copy of our discussion questions: Resources Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity by Bruce … Read More

Supporting LGTBQIA+ birthing people
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As doulas, helpers often immersed in a medical field, it is important to continue our education about the people we are supporting and keep up with changes that need to be made. I personally love writing these blogs, because I … Read More

Meet Shadae
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We are thrilled to announce Shadae Jenkins has joined the New Beginnings team. Enjoy our recent interview to learn more about her. Tell us about your background. Let’s see, I grew up in GA where most things were farm to … Read More

A Conversation on Empathy
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The Topic Empathy plays a large role in our work as doulas. So what better conversation topic to start our monthly chats? “Empathy goes beyond concern or sympathy. Empathy is stepping into the shoes of another with the intention to … Read More

Prenatal Appointments: Including the Spouse
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How to include the partner for prenatal appointments during Covid-19 Pregnancy is a joyous for families, and most partners want to be included in the prenatal appointments, especially the ultrasounds. Hearing and seeing the growing baby in the mother’s womb … Read More

Why did I want to be a Doula?
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With the arrival of the New Year and resolutions being made, I thought it would be fitting to reflect on why I chose to be a doula. Why I chose this path in the time that people are choosing a … Read More

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