Certificate of Training, Makayla Cole, Birth Doula

This certificate of training is presented to Makayla Cole in recognition of completion of the certification requirements of New Beginnings Doula Training for Birth Doula and is hereby entitled to be called a certified doula (CD).

  • Certified Doula Since: August 21, 2020
  • Current Expiration Date: August 21 2022
  • Certificate ID: NBDT-00117

Makayla Cole is a certified birth doula who services the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area. In addition to her work as a doula, Makayla also captures the magical first moments of life, and the process leading up to it, as a birth photographer.

Makayla also brings a unique perspective from her own personal experiences with childbirth. Two of her three births have been in unusual circumstances: an unplanned home birth and a birth en route to the hospital in the back of her car. The latter birth experience has been featured in national and international media.