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Course Graduate: Bethany AllenNew Beginnings offers only one type of certification: our online, self-paced and self-motivated training program. It is ideal for women in a variety of situations: from stay-at-home moms with small children, up to soon-to-be grandmothers, and back down to college students looking for related course supplements to their nursing or midwifery degrees. The course is designed to be completed in approximately nine (9) months. However students have up to two (2) years to complete the course.

Nine months can be something of a long haul, so we wanted to profile one of our newest course graduates to give some encouragement to the rest of you who are still in the process.  Congratulations to Bethany Allen of Texas, who completed all the course requirements back in December. It took Bethany almost exactly one year from the time that she registered to earn her certification. We’ve asked Bethany to share just a few thoughts about her experience with the training program and what her plans for the future are:

I really enjoyed New Beginnings Doula Training. It fit my current stage of life perfectly. For a mom of two kids that works part-time, I could fit my reading, assignments, and births in when my schedule would allow. One thing I disliked about college was the required busywork, knowing I would not use it after college. Not so with this program. I felt like they did an excellent job at keeping the essentials of things you need to know to be a birth doula while keeping out the unnecessary information. Rachel is fantastic at responding to emails quickly which helps when you only have a a small window to complete an assignment. Additionally, because she checks assignments when they are turned in I received my certification immediately upon completion.
Throughout my training, I worked with ATX Doulas (formerly Get Babied). ATX Doulas operates as an on-call model, having a doula on call each day of the week. After receiving my certification, I joined the rotation and love working with this group of ladies. This format allows our clients to receive excellent care prenatal, birth, and postpartum since our knowledge and experience stems from over 400 births as a group. We work together as a team to provide support during every birth. Because of this, I continue to learn and grow at a faster pace then working independently.
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