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About LaDawn Maness

What is your doula business name?
Agape Doula



Where are you located?
Emmett, Idaho

When did you finish your doula certification?
June 2020

Why did you decide to become a doula?

Two reasons. I did not realize when I had my kids in the 90’s that there were choices. I thought an epidural was required, and I thought birthing in bed was my only options. When my kids had their babies, two of them said that birth was terrible. I thought that birth is so beautiful, and wanted to do something to help bring that beauty to others.

Tell us about the most impactful birth you have attended.

My most memorable would be one that I attended before I started my certification process, my grand-daughter! She was born in January 2019. It was emotional. My daughter had tried for years to get pregnant and it was heartbreaking every time there was a negative pregnancy test. I considered myself at that time to be a “self trained” doula. So I was able to be in the delivery room the entire time. Afterwards many of the nurses asked if I was certified, when I said no they all told me I should be. My daughter was able to have a natural birth with my help.

What advice would you give to aspiring doulas?

Keep an open mind. Some women will not see things the way you do. Some women might want an epidural even if you would not choose one for yourself. Remember, this is THEIR birth, and you can totally be supportive no matter what!

What is something you always say to birthing mothers?

You CAN do this.

What is your favorite labor comfort measure?

So far my clients have told me the double hip squeeze is a huge game changer between epidural or no epidural. And just me talking with them and building a positive relationship with them helps them feel confident.

What is your best advice to give to new expecting mothers?

Enjoy every single little thing. Be mindful of every single milestone even if its small. These babies grow faster than you think.

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