New Beginnings is committed to developing and nurturing quality doulas.  In order to do this, we strive to be the defining standard for doula education.  This includes a commitment to the client, the community, and the birth team.  It involves utilizing the passion a doula can bring to a birth, combined with a solid foundation in evidence-based care, skills, and collaboration with other team members.

Education, along with compassion, is the foundation for the New Beginnings program. Our doulas gain an education backed by knowledge, research, and experience in the field. We dedicate ourselves to providing a high quality education for our students, and for women, doulas, and other birth workers.   We encourage our students and doulas  to share educational experiences with peers and clients.

As the program seeks to nurture our student doulas, our doulas then reach out to nurture their clients by helping to empower and advocate for birthing women in their communities. They help them explore their values and how those values may affect their birthing environment and birth. They do this by providing women with evidence-based information and teaching them how to make choices and speak for themselves.   Our doulas will also use evidenced-based care and skills to help nurture a mother to become a strong member of her own birth team.

New Beginnings students and doulas understand the importance of collaborating with the birth team to work well as an advocate and fill the need for doulas within different birthing environments. Thus teamwork becomes a working model for how they do business. They show a desire to combine both the heart and the science of being a doula into their work.