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A Do-What!? What is a doula?

A Doula Defined

A support person who provides non-medical, holistic care to the childbearing family. A doula provides information, continuous non-medical labor support, minimizes emotional and physical stress, and facilitates communication.

Doo-luh: n.\ - Professionally trained birth and labor support.

I’ve got questions about becoming a doula.

Can I Become a Doula?

Absolutely! Every day more people are using doulas at their births. Research shows that births attended by a doula result in better outcomes for mothers and babies. Doula work is also a great first step to other birth-related work.

Yes, You Can! Become a Doula Where You Live, Support Birth.

Tell me how to become a doula!

What Kind of Training Do I Need?

Doula training and certification offers you many benefits.  As a doula, you work side by side with many other trained professionals. Your confidence will come from knowing what to do, and when to do it. That knowledge is preparation that you will receive with New Beginnings Doula Training programs.

The Key to quality doula training: A Prepared Doula Is a Happy Doula

Our doula standards of practice say it all!

What Makes
New Beginnings Doula Training Unique?

We are a research-based curriculum designed by an experienced labor and delivery nurse who shares her passion for learning, women’s choices, collaborative care, and teaching.  Our major focus is to nurture you as a student while you learn to nurture other women. Pulling from multiple evidence-based methods, you’ll be able to provide quality care as a valued member of the birth team.

Birthing Woman in Hospital Supported by Husband, Doula, and Other Birth Team Members