“For the last ten months, I have dedicated my life to my daughter’s future and my education. I’ve stayed up until 3am doing homework, even though she wakes up at 8, I’ve suffered massive amounts of sleep deprivation, I’ve networked, I’ve faced battles in silence behind closed doors. With two years to complete the course, I worked my little tushy off to get it done in less than a year.

“When everything had been working against me, like a salmon I kept moving and jumping over these crashing currents. Today, I wake up a new woman. A woman with a career, a title to last a lifetime. I was so tired yesterday that I couldn’t react to my success in any form except by crying. Today, I can throw my hands in the air and say ‘I did it!’

“Today, I wake up and can say I am a Certified Doula.

– Sunni P., Ontario, Canada


Doula Foundations Course

At the heart of New Beginnings Doula Training is the Doula Foundations course. We guide women to learn how to assess a woman’s needs while also teaching that needs can be understood by separating them into four categories: physical, social, esteem, and safety.

Where medical providers do well at attending to a woman’s physical needs, our doulas-in-training learn how to attend to the other three critical areas of need during childbirth.

Course Content


Life-changing career move, without breaking the bank!


Make a major life-changing career move, without breaking the bank!

Our birth doula certification program is available in 3 convenient payment options: $400 USD up front or $50 USD for 12 months on a recurring payment schedule or with invoices to pay on your own schedule each month.


Why should I get certified as a doula?

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