To Good to Be True? (Course Costs Explained)

Now that we’ve gotten our course all nice and shiny, and the website is enjoying a healthy stream of on-going visitors, we’re discovering that one of our deterrents to new registrations is the price of our program, and it seems to be because we’re not charging enough. “It almost too good to be true!” is what we keep hearing. So I thought I’d take just a moment to justify our pricing strategy and motives.

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Doulas for C-Section Patients

We recently took a moment to discuss the importance of having a doula present at births were medical intervention is either planned or unplanned. Specifically, we discuss the need for doulas especially during c-sections.

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Doula Students Getting Involved in Their Communities

Recently, we put out the following question to our students on our facebook page:

I would love to highlight doulas/organizations that are working to educate women and the medical community about doulas and normal birth. If you have anything you can send my way that describes any community involvement, I’ll put it in my newsletter.

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Student Response for Personalized Birth Plans

In one of our assignment in the main doula course, we ask our students to take into consideration the medical diagnosis of their patient while developing a personalized birth plan.  What follows is the response that we got from one of our students:

I actually do have first hand experience with gestational diabetes and cesareans — four of them to be exact.  I taught myself how to escape the genetic grips of gestational diabetes. It took a few tries, but I succeeded. However, that being said, this was a harder assignment for me!

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“The Art of Breastfeeding Webinar: A Biological Nurturing Approach” – New Video Series

We are pleased to announce the release of a new video/webinar series as a part of our online doula training program. “The Art of Breastfeeding” is now available as a supplement to the childbirth course which is part of the full doula training curriculum. Students who have paid for the course in full, or up to six months on the monthly payment plan, will have access to all six episodes in the series.

The series was originally intended as an audiocast only, but we’ve gone to the extra trouble of creating a slideshow-style presentation to accompany the audio track. This allows students a visual reference to the spoken word.

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Holiday Happiness Gift Certificates

We’re pleased to announce our Holiday Happiness Gift Certificates available for immediate purchase.  This is quite possibly the perfect gift for that aspiring doula among your friends or family. When you order a gift registration from New Beginnings Doula Training, we will send you an electronic copy of the gift certificate in PDF format that you will be able to print or send as an email.

Sample Holiday Gift Certificate for Doula Training

For more details and current costs, visit the course costs page.

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New Infographic: Go Beyond the Pain

Go Beyond the Pain

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Defining a Doula

PBS recently produced an informative 7-minute video about the work of doulas and highlighting a particular pregnancy assistance program in the greater New York City area focused on helping under privileged women to receive the birth care provide by a doula.

Can Doulas Make a Difference?
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Research Roundup on C-sections, Breastfeeding, Infection Rates

As many of you know, I am very interested in research and how that can better my work as a doula.  I often post research articles on my facebook page, but thought I’d give you a list of the research I have looked at lately. Read more ›

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2013 Update to Course Materials

2013 New Beginnings Doula Training Manuals in Print

We have begun to circulate our newly designed materials for the main doula training course. Not much different in content from the previous versions of the course, there is a noticeable upgrade to the design layout of the course materials with a fresh new color scheme and click-able table of contents with each of the larger PDF files. Read more ›

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