Help Wanted in Web Marketing and Product Development

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Immediate Need: Marketing Assistant New Beginnings Childbirth Services is on the lookout for assistance in the areas of web marketing and product development. Someone with skills in web design, email marketing, and other related editorial tasks would be a good … Read More

Lavender (Lavendula) Essential Oil for Pregnancy and Childbirth

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I am currently developing an essential oils course for doulas.  As a part of the course, the student will be learning around 40 different oils.  One of my favorites to use, particularly during pregancy and birth, is lavender oil.  Below … Read More

Birth Doula Training Starter Kit

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New Beginning Doula Training now offer access to our course training materials without registering for our training program. Up until recently, the manuals that we had prepared as a part of our exclusively online training program had only been available … Read More

New Doula Training Starter Kit Coming Soon; Early Finish Option Discontinued

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In an effort to improve student retention for our online doula training, we are making some minor policy changes that will hopefully open up more opportunities for growing the program, while making our training materials generally more accessible. Doula Training … Read More

A Hands-On Doula with a Distinct Perspective

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Annie is a student who began her training earlier this year. She brings to our program a perspective on childbirth that is perhaps a little more hands on than most. Here’s how she introduced herself to us:

Doula Brochures from Students

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Early on in our birth doula training program, we ask students to complete an assignment that asks them create a handout explaining the role of a doula. This in turn allows our students to have piece of marketing material to … Read More

Hypnobirthing: Fight or Flight and the Perception of Pain

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Student Response by Cara Koehler (Editor Note: This was first submitted as an assignment in our program. This student’s response is reprinted here with her permission.) There are many different types of birthing classes & theories designed to explain labor … Read More

Student Response: Gestational Diabetes

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One of the assignments my students do is how a doula can help when their client is diagnosed with a particular medical diagnosis.  Below is one student’s response of a great way to see what a doula can do for … Read More

How a Doula Helps During a C-Section

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Many women who use doulas are looking to have a natural birth without medications.  Occasionally, though, emergencies happen, plans change, and a c-section is neccesary. I often get questioned on what a doula can do during a c-section to help … Read More

The Doula’s Role in Natural Inductions

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As a nurse and a doula, medical inductions for non-medical reasons are at the top of my list of things that make me cringe.  In the birthing community, I have seen the concern growing with others also.   More and more, … Read More

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