New Infographic: Roots of Stress

Roots of Stress InfographicAs I studied stress and how to help alleviate stress in a birthing woman, I came across this concept of where stress comes from.  I thought it was a pretty accurate representation of what makes a labor stressful.  Women are either wanting something to go away (pain, interventions, someone in the room), wanting something to happen that they are worrying about (VBAC, epidural, no interventions), or not understanding what is going on.  A huge part of what a doula does is make sure that women’s choices are honored, provide information, and give women tools to work through their worries and concerns.

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Squatting for a Better Birth


I was searching on the Internet for pictures on how to do a squat during pregnancy and came up with a lot of good information on why we should squat, but I was disappointed on the amount of squats that were done incorrectly.  So I decided to write my own post with my own pictures for those who want to know more about squatting and how to do it during pregnancy. Read more ›

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Nutrition During Pregnancy – Working with Overweight Mothers

One of our students (now an alumnus) shared some insightful perspectives a couple of months back on how to help mothers who struggle with weight gain during pregnancy. This was in response to an assignment on nutrition from the childbirth course.

Below is the response to the course assignment:
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Student Response: Community Baby Shower Event

What Is a Doula? Display At the end of unit I in the main course for our doula certification program, we ask students to give a presentation in their local community that discusses the role of the doula during labor and delivery. S. Addison of Clinton, Indiana, USA, shared a couple of pictures of her presentation at a local event for expectant mothers. Read more ›

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Facebook Group Snapshot: Working with Medical Professionals

In case you missed it, we wanted to highlight a post from the Facebook group for alumni and students of New Beginnings Doula Training. This particular post illustrated one of our core objectives at New Beginnings – to bridge the gap between doulas and medical personnel to better assist mothers in labor.

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A Busy Springtime

While the lack of updates on our websites might suggest that things have been quiet around here, we’ve actually been notably busy. Read more ›

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New Facebook Group for Students and Alumni

Facebook group for  NB Doula Training Students and AlumniWe are please to announce the formation of a Facebook group which has been specifically formed for the benefit of students taking the New Beginnings Doula Training  Program, an initiative taken by one of our more recent new students. This was something that we had hoped to add to our online interface as a forum or something similar. However with our limited time presently, it’s been something that we’ve had to put on the back burner. This group is great alternative and we openly welcome it. Read more ›

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Handout: Doulas in the Labor and Delivery Room

Doulas in the Labor and Deliver Room - PDF HandoutThis PDF-formatted handout helps explain how doulas can be a valuable contributor to the birthing process in hospitals and birth center environments.  Download Handout >>

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New Infographic: Self-Actualization

Our newest info-graphic is a variation on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This infographic emphasizes that in order for the greatest outcomes to be achieved in the birthing experience, a women has four different types of needs that ought to be addressed: safety, physical, social, and esteem.

Self-Actualization: New Beginnings Doula Training

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Graduate Profile: Bethany Allen

Course Graduate: Bethany AllenNew Beginnings offers only one type of certification: our online, self-paced and self-motivated training program. It is ideal for women in a variety of situations: from stay-at-home moms with small children, up to soon-to-be grandmothers, and back down to college students looking for related course supplements to their nursing or midwifery degrees. The course is designed to be completed in approximately nine (9) months. However students have up to two (2) years to complete the course.

Nine months can be something of a long haul, so we wanted to profile one of our newest course graduates to give some encouragement to the rest of you who are still in the process.  Congratulations to Bethany Allen of Texas, who completed all the course requirements back in December. Read more ›

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