Nursing Care and Management of Second Stage of Labor (Online Webinar)


UPDATE:  The webinar is available from October 7th through November 6th, 2014. It’s still not too late to sign up!

New Beginnings Doula Training is hosting an online webinar from AWHONN (the Association for Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nursing) entitled “Nursing Care and Management of Second Stage of Labor.” This webinar covers current evidence-based information about the benefits of upright positioning and delayed and non-directed pushing. Additionally, strategies for implementation of these techniques are presented in the webinar. Read more ›

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Web Hosting for Doulas

Website Hosting for Doulas Infographic Working to provide more business tools for our doulas-in-training, we recently put into place a service that makes the website hosting and domain name services that we use also available to our students, alumni, and others. We feel that this is an exciting development for independent doulas because it gives them affordable access to world-class hosting services for their small business website without paying for cost of industrial-grade hosting. Read more ›

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A Doula Trainer’s Birth Story, Part 1

Rachel's BabyMore often than not, birth stories are related in a linear fashion, but my experiences of birth have never felt linear. The memories come back to me in episodic moments of emotion and inner thoughts. Like flashes of light, I see again the moments that make up my births. The numbers of dilation and patterns float around on the surface, but underneath it is the brief moments that stitch together to make up the memory of a birth. Read more ›

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Student Enrollment Set to 20 New Students per Month

Max. Capacity: 20 Students Per MonthAs popularity for our online doula training program continues to grow, we have enjoyed over the past several months new registration numbers  coming in at between 15 to 20 new students per month. While we are both gratified and excited by the success and interest in our course, we are having to deal with the real challenge of growth and how to manage that effectively.  Read more ›

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Personal Birth Plan for Anemia

One of our students prepared a birth plan for a client who would be dealing with anemia (a deficiency of red blood cells typically resulting in weariness) during her labor. With our student’s permission we are reproducing her plan on how to work with this particular complication that required more medical interventions. Read more ›

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“Crazy Women Anxiety”

“Chill out girlfriend. Pregnancy is a natural part of life. Our bodies were designed to carry and deliver a baby. Being stressed puts you at risk of preterm labor and having low-birthweight babies.”

In the training unit on anxiety, we ask our students to interview a prospective client and to prepare a handout to give them regarding anxiety in childbirth. This student’s handout had a witty and humorous twist to it.

“Crazy Women Anxiety” handout

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Spirituality During Childbirth

icon ©2014 M Czarnecki;  photo by P.Fortune

icon ©2014 M Czarnecki; photo by P.Fortune

The more I work with women in birth, the more I realize that spirituality plays a role in many people’s births.  This may include a simple prayer or long meditations the mother uses to connect herself to the divine with each contraction.  I found that it became important for me to be in tune with the mother’s use of these rituals in order to either help her, or remind her of her desire to use these as a resource.  Because of this, I ask my students to interview someone about spirituality during birth.   Read more ›

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Payment Options Explained – Video

Did you know that you could finish your doula certification with New Beginnings without paying full price for the course? This is not a gimmick or a promotion, but a standard option that we use to encourage our students to study harder and progress quicker through the training program. This video explains how.

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Delayed Cord Clamping Comparison

Delayed Cord Clamping Compared with Newborn TwinsOne of our students recently completed an assignment in the childbirth course on delayed cord clamping. As a part of her assignment, she included the picture featured here of twins born vaginally in the hospital. Baby A (on the left) had instant cord clamping, while baby B ( on the right) had delayed cord clamping. The difference in skin color is quite distinct, but this is only indicative of a host of additional benefits to the infant child that result from waiting to cut the umbilical cord or what is more commonly referred to as delayed cord clampingThe photo is being shared here with both permission from our student and the mother of the twins.

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How Long Does It Take to Certify?

A question we get a lot of goes something along the lines of “How long does it take to get certified?” New Beginnings Doula Training is a self-paced education experience. Thus, the answer to question is something like this: “Well, it depends.”

When speaking generally, we like to say that the average committed student can get the course done in approximately 9 to 12 months’ time frame. This is not a weekend doula training workshop, but rather, a comprehensive, research-based educational experience. Read more ›

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