Doula Certification in Australia

Recently, we’ve enjoyed an increase in new student registrations from Australia and New Zealand. We’ve also had the same question asked by prospective students at least a handful of times, so it’s probably about time that we addressed the question in a blog post. Read more ›

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End of the Year Savings, December Student Incentives

Save 10% on Full Course Trainings

While we still have spaces available for the month of December for new students to sign up, we thought we’d spice it up with a 10% discount ($20 USD off) on full course registrations for the remainder of the month. As with all discounts, we actually offer rebates (in the form of partial refunds) from PayPal usually within 24 hours of when payment is made. This is not an automated refund, but is something that we go in and manually process on our end.

This offer is good only on full course registrations ( normally priced at $200 ) and while spaces are available through the end of the month of December.

December Student Incentive

This month’s student incentive is a starter kit for your doula bag. The kit will probably have stuff like: lip balm, honeysticks, lotion, a rice sock, hair ties, etc. While we’d like to offer this to every one of our students this month, unfortunately, that is not feasible on our end. So this too will be selected by a drawing after the new year.

To submit your request to be in the drawing, students must be current on their payments (for those making monthly payments)  and have completed and submitted at least one assignment during the current month.

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Doula Training Gift Certificates are Back

Back for the holiday season, we’re pleased to announce our Holiday Happiness Gift Certificates available for immediate purchase. We feel this is still quite possibly the perfect gift for that aspiring doula among your friends or family! Each certificate entitles one recipient to a full course registration good for two years from the date that the student/recipient begins their training (books not included).

When you order a gift registration from New Beginnings Doula Training, we will send you an electronic copy of the gift certificate in PDF format that you will be able to print or send as an email.

Sample Holiday Gift Certificate for Doula Training

For more details and current costs, visit the course costs page.

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Midwifery vs. Medical Model of Care

In this post we are featuring an assignment from one of our most-recently certified doulas, Holly from Louisiana. This particular assignment (assignment 1.1 from unit 1 in the main course — available in the free course preview) addresses the difference between the two predominant models of  care with regards to childbirth: midwifery and medical.  Holly chose to respond to this assignment with her own personal experiences from her own first two contrasting childbirth experiences. Read more ›

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Choosing a Name for Your Doula Business

What's In a Name? - Picking a Name for Your Doula BusinessThe question came up a couple of days back in our Facebook student and alumni group about choosing a name for a doula business. Specifically, the issue came up in picking a business name that was already in use by a doula in another state. The student then asked: “Can/should I pick a different name?”

The answer to this student’s question can go in either direction depending upon several considerations. Read more ›

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November 2014 Student Incentive – Suspected Big Babies Webinar

evidence-based-big-babiesFor the month of November 2014, we will be giving away one (1) gift course registration to Rebecca Dekker’s online webinar, Evidence-Based Care for Suspected Big Babies.  To qualify for the student incentive, you must be current on your payments and have submitted at least one assignment during the month of November. Then you must submit your name for on the incentive request page.

Visit Rebecca Dekker’s website to review her research about evidence-based research related to suspected big babies.

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October 2014 Student Incentive Recipient

Last month, we announced the initiation of our student incentives program. Today, we picked a recipient for October’s incentive, a copy of Ina May Gaskin’s Birth Matters: a Midwife’s Manifesta. Here’s how we picked this month’s recipient:

Congrats to Marta Browne of Australia! Marta’s actually one of our newer students who liked our program so much she bought a gift registration for a friend of hers. As coincidental as this would seem to be, we promise that this was not rigged!

We’ll be announcing next month’s incentive later this week.

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Announcing the Supporing Birth Photo and Art Competition 2014

Supporting Birth Photo and Art Competition 2014 NOTICE: Event Postponed Indefinitely

New Beginnings Childbirth Services is please to announce our first annual  Supporting Birth Photo and Art Competition 2014. This competition represents a next step in our continued effort to broaden our scope of services related to doulas.  We recently also announce website hosting services for doulas and are continuing to increase the available business tools to help doulas in their marketing efforts. To this end, we find that there is a great lack of available imagery that supports the birthing experience.  As a first step to remedy this, we are staging a photograph and artwork competition to create a collection of artists from whom we can engage with to create further business opportunities among birth professionals — in the online sphere. Read more ›

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Doula Student Incentives for Course Progress and Payments

Birth Matters book coverLast month, we began to implement a registration cap on new students signing up for the program. This was both to encourage the quality of students signing up for the program, as well as to limit the demands on our time as the course continues to grow in popularity. This month we are tackling the challenge of encourage our students who have signed up for the course to continue with the program.  In a simple effort to address this challenge, we are introducing student incentives. Read more ›

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Notes from AHWONN’s Second Stage Labor Management Webinar

AWHONN logoWhen I was working as a nurse, I came across data and research that supported a different way of pushing than what I was taught at the hospital. In the hospital, we were taught to start pushing as soon as the mom was 10cm. We were to have the woman laying on her back semi-reclined with her feet pulled up. With every contraction, the mother was to hold her breathe and push as hard as she could while counting to ten. This was done three times.  But the research I came across indicated that there were problems for both the mom and baby when pushing was done in this fashion. Read more ›

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