28 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth: Days 1 – 7

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Not your typical list of pregnancy do’s and don’ts, last year we published 28 posts/days to a healthy pregnancy and birth that guarantee results.  As social media is not always the easiest to go back through archives of posts, we … Read More

Student Presentation in a Hair Salon

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One of the great advantages of the New Beginnings approach to doula training are the required assignments that send our students out into the communities where they live. One of our first assignments that requires community outreach is the doula … Read More

Smoothie for Postpartum and Lactation

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During pregnancy, our bodies use a lot of nutrients that need to be bulked up on or replenished after birth. Sometimes this can be a daunting task as a new mom is adjusting to a new baby and trying to … Read More

Expired Registration? How to Reactivate Your Account

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With the updates to the our online student coursework, a renewed interest in our online doula training program has caused former students to come back and give the training a second chance. If you have registered within the last three … Read More

New Online Doula Training Websites Are Live

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New Beginnings Doula Training went live with two new websites earlier this month. Our public-facing website (www.trainingdoulas.com) got a new facelift and some new features including alumni testimonials and a revamped FAQ section. Our online training website got a major … Read More

Second Stage Labor Actions Handout

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The Second Stage Labor Actions handout (now available in our doula shop as a PDF download) helps to illustrate what  a doula can do for a woman in labor during the transitional period just prior to birth. The handout highlights … Read More

Help Wanted in Web Marketing and Product Development

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Immediate Need: Marketing Assistant New Beginnings Childbirth Services is on the lookout for assistance in the areas of web marketing and product development. Someone with skills in web design, email marketing, and other related editorial tasks would be a good … Read More

Lavender (Lavendula) Essential Oil for Pregnancy and Childbirth

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I am currently developing an essential oils course for doulas.  As a part of the course, the student will be learning around 40 different oils.  One of my favorites to use, particularly during pregancy and birth, is lavender oil.  Below … Read More

Birth Doula Training Starter Kit

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New Beginning Doula Training now offer access to our course training materials without registering for our training program. Up until recently, the manuals that we had prepared as a part of our exclusively online training program had only been available … Read More

New Doula Training Starter Kit Coming Soon; Early Finish Option Discontinued

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In an effort to improve student retention for our online doula training, we are making some minor policy changes that will hopefully open up more opportunities for growing the program, while making our training materials generally more accessible. Doula Training … Read More

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