Doulas, HIPAA, and Client Confidentiality

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Client Confidentiality and New Beginnings Confidentiality is a part of the standards of a New Beginnings Doula.  It is expected that client’s information be kept private and out of the public realm, unless permission has been given to share.  It is … Read More

What Makes New Beginning Doula Training Unique?

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We released last week a new informational video about the heart or core of our doula training program: the Main Course. As we’ve discussed and developed the purpose of the Main Course at New Beginnings Doula Training, we’ve come to … Read More

Building a Doula Business

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Brent and I have been on a journey of a sorts to rebuild our doula training business. In that process, we came across a book entitled “The E-Myth Revisited.” It has changed how we looked at building a business in … Read More

Doula Websites as a Community Resource

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Meet Yasmin AbuAyed, one of our newest alumni. She resides in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. (She is our second alumnus located in the Middle East!)  As part of her online promotional efforts, Yasmin uses her … Read More

The Cost of Birth Doula Training and Certification

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Options for doula certification have grown notably within the last few years. Where there use to only be a handful of options, training programs continue to grow and expand. In an effort to carve out a space for ourselves in … Read More

Student Response: Overweight, Pregnant, and Natural Childbirth

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(Editor Note: Jessica C. of Indiana submitted the following response to one of our first unit assignments.) I appreciate when my midwife and nurses don’t assume the worst because I am overweight. All of my pregnancies have been healthy and … Read More

Pregnancy Diet Tip: Eat Dates to Decrease Bleeding

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From Babymoon Inn Midwife Maribeth Diver: Please take a trip to a natural foods store and get some dates to snack on. The date fruit is the product of the date palm, a tree native to Northern Africa and the … Read More

The Nurturing Doula; Empower Women

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A nurturing doula can help empower women.  “[C]aregiving professionals can seek new ways to nurture and empower [women]…during labor and birth.”-Paulina Perez Nurture: “the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something”-google search The … Read More

What Makes a Quality Doula Training Program?

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Many doula training programs say that they provide a quality doula training program, but what does that really mean? Quality in a doula training program can be defined as the perceived value of the education gained, and the doulas that … Read More

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