Doula Scope and Standards of Practice

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At New Beginnings we are often asked what exactly a doula can and can’t do, and what their limits to practice are when they hold other professional licenses and certification. This is a common question among doulas and the organizations … Read More

Natural Induction Methods: Black Cohosh to Induce Labor

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Black Cohosh to Induce Labor What it is: Black Cohosh is another plant that has historically been used by midwives to help induce labor.  It is made from the root and is available as a tincture, capsule or tea. Not much is … Read More

Psoas and How They Effect Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

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The psoas.  If you are like me, the first time I heard this word, I had no idea what it was and what, if anything, it had to do with birth.  But I’ve learned since, that a prenatal psoas release … Read More

Market Your Doula Business: Your Ideal Doula Client

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The last doula business post I did, we talked about what defines you. Now you want to start figuring what kind of clients want what you have to give. Your ideal doula client is going to be the woman that … Read More

Find a doula near you

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Find a doula that is top quality New Beginnings doulas share a passion for serving and helping women during childbirth and postpartum. This is combined with a quality education that trains them in communication and collaboration among all members of … Read More

Providing Labor Support: Pain vs Suffering

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Pain vs Suffering Pain is one of the first things that women will say they are concerned about in labor.  It is interesting to note that women describe this experience differently, and pain takes on different meanings for different people.  … Read More

What is a doula?

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          What is a Doula?   The thought of labor and birth can be a very scary thought for many women.  Images of hospitals, fear, being alone, and pain can fill our thoughts and create a … Read More

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