‘Tis the Season for Doula Training Gift Certificates

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Quite possibly the perfect gift for that aspiring doula among your friends or family, we’re pleased to announce our Holiday Happiness Gift Certificates available for immediate purchase! Doula training certificates through New Beginnings are a powerfully way to not only … Read More

Safe Birth as Defined by Women

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Many people often state a healthy mom and baby as the number one goal during childbirth, but what does that mean.  To the doctor and medical staff, it could mean a mom and baby that are alive and healthy.  For … Read More

Validation – An Important Part of Women’s Labor and Birth

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Before we discuss validation in labor and birth, I need to give some background on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In college I minored in psychology where we were taught Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who was … Read More

Webinar: Grief and Loss in Childbirth

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In this webinar, we discuss how to cope with grief and loss in childbirth and how a doula can be of help when unexpected events become challenging and even painful.  Specific topics include: Tasks of grief Grief phases and how … Read More

Free Doula Business Course

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Back in September I composed a blog commenting on a book I read that transformed my perspective on what it means to be a business owner.  As I educated myself on creating a business centered on my values and vision, I came across … Read More

Music for Labor and Delivery

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(Editor’s Note: We just recently instituted a new application process for our scholarships. As a part of this new process, we ask the applicants to write  a paper on a topic of their choice involving labor support.  Below is one … Read More

Healing After Stillbirth or Miscarriage

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In childbirth and motherhood there are inevitably losses of many kinds. I’ve mentioned my own loss when I had a miscarriage. What was the most difficult for me at the time was the many unanswered questions. Why did it happen? … Read More

Hypnobirthing: Fight or Flight and the Perception of Pain

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Student Response by Cara Koehlerth (Editor Note: This was first submitted as an assignment in our program. This student’s response is reprinted here with her permission.) There are many different types of birthing classes & theories designed to explain labor … Read More

Birth Trauma and the Five Stages of Grief

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A VBAC (vaginal birth after cesaran) I attended a number of years ago ended up in c-section.  While there are so many what-ifs in these kinds of scenarios, it is not my place to tell the mother what she should … Read More

How to Provide Supportive Care During Pushing

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I was taught purple pushing as a nurse.  That’s what they call the way the pushing stage is done in the hospital.  The woman is on her back with her legs being held up.  She holds her breathe and pushes … Read More

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