Payment Options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Included in All Options

  • Access to course instructor for mentoring and feedback online via student portal (1-on-1 coaching also available, free for first month).
  • Access to the private student/alumni Facebook group for peer discussions and support.
  • All individual (self-study) course supplements are included as part of the main doula training program.

Please note: Access to materials are presented online via our student portal. Once your payment has been received and the registration process has been completed, you will receive log-in instruction to access content online.

Materials Access

Option 1

Get full access to all course materials up front.

  • Main Course textbook
  • Childbirth Course textbook
  • Doula Skills textbook

Option 2

Get access to course textbook in increments as you make payments or as you complete assignments, which ever comes first.

  • Main Course (at registration)
  • Childbirth Course textbook (after 6 mos. or completion of main course assignments)
  • Doula Skills textbook (after 12 mos. or completion of Childbirth assignments)

Option 3

(Same as Option 2)

Payment Methods

Option 1

You can pay with any major credit card, PayPal, or by check in the mail. A PayPal account is not required to make payment with credit card via PayPal's interface.* Credit Card, PayPal, or Check

Option 2

You must have a PayPal account to setup automated payments. Payments come out automatically on same day as your registration each month for 12 months. PayPal Only

Option 3

You can pay with any major credit card, PayPal, or by check in the mail. Invoices sent at the beginning of each month via PayPal - 30 days to pay. PayPal account not required.* Credit Card, PayPal, or Check

Additional Options


scholarship_iconCan’t afford the cost of registration? Merit-based scholarships give discounts on registration. Limited availability.

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Registration Questions

Additional Costs?

The only costs not included in the price of the course are the three books required to complete the course (Approximately $45 USD). There are also additional books that you may want to purchase as a part of your course studies, but these are not required.

Don’t Like Paying Online?

Yeah, that’s okay. If you’d rather send your payment in the mail, choose option 1 or option 3 of the above payment options and send a check or money order payable to “New Beginnings Childbirth Services.” Payments may be sent to: New Beginnings Childbirth Services, 315 E Porter Street, Marshall, MO U.S.A. Please also include the following with your payment: your name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number.

I Just Paid, Now What?

We have implemented an automated registration process so that once you have submitted payment via PayPal, you should immediately receive an email at the email address connected to the PayPal account used to pay for your registration. That email will contain further instructions on how to complete the registration process. If a registration email doesn’t show up in your email inbox moments after making payment via PayPal, you may want to check your spam or junk folders. The email will be sent from office{at}trainingdoulas[dot]com. If the email address associated with your PayPal account is no longer active, contact us. We will have received notice of your payment on our end, and can re-generate the registration email and send it to a valid email address upon request.

Still Undecided?

Visit our full list of FAQs -or- try the Doula Foundations Course for only $20 USD.

* You are not required to have a Paypal account to register via the Paypal interface. You may pay with any major credit card.