Pregnancy Exercises to help lower back pain

This is a post mainly for those who are wanting to help me do a little bit of “research” on how to help lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain.  For others who are interested, though, you are welcome to read on.

I put research in parenthesis because it is not the rigorous research you will find in journals.  Right now, I just don’t have the time or money to do that, but I am interested in finding out what I can do to better help my clients.  So, I am performing a small experiment just to get an idea of what might be helpful.

At this time, I am looking at the effect that alignment and exercises geared to help keep our bodies aligned has on lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain.  For those who have signed up, here’s what I need you to do(if you are interested in doing this, just drop me a note and I’ll keep your records also).

First off, to give you a little bit of background on alignment and why it may help during pregnancy here are a few links.

Natural Mama

Natural Pregnancy, Natural Birth

While these articles discuss alignment and exercise in terms of preparing for a natural birth, rest assured that these exercises will benefit you way before you start labor.  They are also helpful even if an epidural  or c-section is in the final plan.

If you are planning on being a part of my research, download the instructions and enjoy.

Introduction for pregnancy exercises

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